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Announcing Quality Manual Article Spinning , a service which has never been possible until the technology has enabled it now. High quality, perfectly readable unique articles with embedded keywords (your keyword phrase inserted into each paragraph) written to order for only a few cents each!

The articles produced by this quality manual content spinning service are perfectly readable articles and content of the highest quality, optimized for your own keywords and yet all articles are uniquely different from each other, and at an unbelievable price. Each original seed article is personally written by an English Language & Literature Masters graduate with a background in market research and data processing, as well as several years' experience in Internet marketing and SEO. The entire process, including all automated parts and quality control, is personally overseen and supervised by the owner of this service. There are no 'virtual assistants' involved and nothing is outsourced.

We take on a maximum of only 20 projects per month to ensure the highest possible quality.

An offer like this is human-intensive. The standard ordering quantity is 300 articles per service. This offer is likely to be popular only with people who are serious about Internet marketing and SEO, and who understand the importance of high quality content. This service will be particularly popular with SEO and marketing agencies who seek well-optimized content and who do not want to worry about the quality.

We can supply you with extra unique articles based on the same original article - each one is Copyscape validated as unique and each is perfectly and beautifully readable - at a cost of $10 per extra 100 articles.

Please note: Each project must be on the same subject. We cannot write content for different subjects in the same project because the results would not make any sense.

You are able to buy our quality manual article spinning service directly from this site; alternatively we have set up exactly the same service on the Legiit platform.

There are no setup charges.



Why Would I Want So Many Different Articles?

The way to enable as many people to see your website is through a diversity and proliferation of content. The way to get your website a higher listing in the search engine results is to have lots of quality links to your site from many different other websites. Not only does this boost your website rankings so that your website has a better visibility in the search results, but you will also get visitors who will read these articles on other websites and click through to your main site from them.

But for a long time Google has frowned on listing articles which have the same content (this is the so-called duplicate content penalty). So you need each article with a link pointing to your site to be high quality and unique in its content.

There are now more places than ever before to put articles pointing back to your website; there are hundreds of really good quality websites. By these I mean Web 2.0 sites, wikis, relevant blogs and many different types of content platform. Also, the advantage of ordering 300 articles at one go is that you can save money by using the economies of scale to allow you to post high quality, unique content with links back to your site over the course of many months, creating the 'natural' accumulation of backlinks to your main site that Google likes and rewards.

That means it makes perfectly good sense to make use of our quality manual content spinning service, which is much less expensive than if you had each of those articles written individually.

As an example, let's say there were 300 different websites (Web 2.0 sites, similarly themed blogs, wikis, etc.) which were relevant to the readership of your main website, you might decide to post an article every month to each of those. After 12 months you will have used up 3,600 articles, each of them high quality and unique, each of them with a link back to your site, each of them telling Google of the importance and authority of your own website and thus assuring a higher ranking in the search engine results pages. Power users or SEO agencies with many websites to promote will order thousands of articles every month on different subjects.



But What Makes These Manually Spun Articles So Special?

Inevitably, with these kinds of very affordable and economical rates, a degree of automation is involved, but care has been taken to ensure that the final article is as readable and "natural" as if they were written by hand. No fewer than five software applications are involved in this process, each improving both precision and randomness, and they all originate from a seed article written by a Masters English Literature graduate who will write the article to order in American English or British English (or Australian or New Zealand English, if requested, as the nuances are tiny but they do exist) according to the needs of the client.

Naturally enough, we are not giving away exactly how we do this. But it has been in testing over several years; we decided not to release it to the outside world until we knew we had perfected it.

Each article is unique. No two articles are more than 75% alike and they will all pass the Copyscape test.

As an example, you may want us to write 300 articles on the subject of widgets. The main keyword (subject) of these articles would be widgets. Your list of keywords to be optimised could be as follows:

red widgets
blue widgets
green widgets
orange widgets
yellow widgets
black widgets
white widgets
large widgets
medium widgets
small widgets

Assuming that you wanted an even spread of articles about each type, you would then get 30 articles of each of the 10 types of widgets. Or you may only want to distinguish between large and small widgets, in which case you might want 150 of each of the large and small widget articles.

If you do not have a keyword list, or if you want to add keywords to the finished articles at a later stage, you can just have us place a keyword placeholder, designated as {KEYWORD}, embedded in each article so that you can replace these by a keyword phrase of your choice when the time comes for you to publish the article.

This larger world-view allows you to achieve fantastic economies of scale (and great cost savings) because you can order an entire year's supply (or two or three years' supply) of articles utilizing all the keywords you will need in all your foreseeable SEO campaigns all at the same time, therefore at huge savings. Each article will be unique, readable as if written by a graduate human and embedded with your SEO rich keywords, randomly and in the right places.



How Much Does The Quality Content Spinning Service Cost?

This writing stage is the most labour intensive, but the cost is mitigated by the number of articles that can be produced, which brings the cost per article down dramatically.

Our service costs just 15 cents per word of the original 'seed' article from which all the unique articles are spun.

So, for 300 articles spun from a 500 word original document, this would cost $75.

For 300 articles spun from a 1,000 word original document, this would cost $150.

Many SEO experts have proven that Google prefers articles of between 1,500 and 2,000 words in length. Certainly, it is this kind of length of article which dominates the Google search results pages (SERPS) as these longer content pages are ranked higher. That is why we recommend to clients that your original document be between 1,500 words and 2,000 words in length.

For 300 articles spun from a 1,500 word original document, this would cost $225.

For 300 articles spun from a 2,000 word original document, this would cost $300.

Thus, if you ordered 300 spun articles from a 2,000 word original document you would get 300 unique and perfectly readable articles at a total cost of $300, which is just $1 for each unique and beautifully readable article! Crazy!

Compare this to the cost of having a similar article professionally written, which would cost from $120 and upwards.

You can order extra articles (from the same original document) at $10 per extra 100. So you can have 500 unique and perfectly readable articles at a total cost of $320, which brings the unit cost down to just 64 cents each ($0.64).

This is how we can produce such incredibly high quality at such low cost per article!



Quality Control: Nobody Can Tell This Content is Spun!

Towards the end of the process a series of human and software checks are made to ensure the quality of the finished work. Hundreds of versions are produced and scrutinized for spelling, grammar and the "feel" of the words in their context. Only a professional writer who is a native English speaker could do this.

Another important thing to remember is that this service is based on a series of procedures in a controlled sequence, and is designed to leave no footprints whatsoever. Is there a 'spinning' aspect in the production of the articles? Yes, of course. But there is nothing which will indicate that the articles produced have been spun in any way at all, such is the quality and standard of the finished product. Therefore there is no need to think that search engines will penalize such content in any way. If human readers cannot tell the difference between a freshly written original article and an article which has been spun, then a search engine bot certainly can't tell the difference either.

Note: The reason that SEO experts say that spun content will drastically harm ranking (which it normally would) is that the normal automated spun rubbish which is strewn throughout the Net is hideous to read; it is a real turn-off for web visitors, which is why people will click away from such content. This abandoning of pages with auto spun content will significantly increase the 'bounce rate' of that page, hence its rankings will tank. But that bounce rate is the only metric which is in operation here. There is no spin-detected metric in Google ; it is all measured by bounce rate. Because if something is a joy to read, and if it is informative and engaging, the bounce rate will be very low whether it is freshly written manually by an experienced native English speaker or if it is spun, and therefore the page using content from our quality manual content spinning service will never be penalised.

Please allow at least one week for your order to be completed. More information on timings are available at the Legiit (preferably) or the Fiverr platforms.



Example Of Our Quality Manual Article Spinning Using This Methodology


Here is an example of an article on credit cards produced by our system. It has been optimized for the keyword phrase "0 interest APR balance transfer cards". Our proprietary system automatically inserts this keyword phrase into the article as shown below. Search engines will recognise what this article is all about, and human readers will think it has been written by another human and will be quite happy to follow its authoritative tone right up to the call to action which you may choose to have at the end of each article.

Example article begins--------->

If you make an application for 0 interest APR balance transfer cards you will be in the position to lower your expenses by making use of their introductory offer. A lot of these are very different amongst several types of provider however usually they may be between three months to a year, and the most effective could be for as long as 16 months and maybe even longer. It is quite right and correct for individuals to reap some benefits from these offers when they happen. When the financial sector is confident then the offers are typically much better because the banking institutions understand that they need to compete with each other for business. For that reason you'll find better promotions during the more prosperous and optimistic times.

Always decide on the cheapest rate that you can when looking for 0 interest APR balance transfer cards. It seems obvious, nevertheless the interest charges on cash withdrawals are what will make your card tougher to pay off because they tend to be charged on top of your purchases and frequently constitute a substantial percentage of the monthly payments. As a consequence, locate a lower interest rate credit card, and if you are looking for a good balance transfer deal you can find zero percent interest cards available most of the time.

Those with 0 interest APR balance transfer cards can make use of this kind of offer whenever they wish to commence a new cycle of zero interest. Such deals could be made any time you want, but the majority of people are able to work out that it is best to go for as long as the opening special offer will allow, after which you can make the change as close to the very last moment as you possibly can, thus maximising the financial savings potential. For example, on a card with a 12 month 0 interest offer, you wouldn't want to waste that by transferring your balance to a new card before the 12 months has elapsed.

There are actually web sites that allow you to submit an application for 0 interest APR balance transfer cards and simultaneously to setup an alert service which sends you an email shortly before the changeover day. This will make sure that you don't forget to get this done and also ensures a seamless changeover from one account to the next, thus affording you the maximum benefits all round.

In the event that you plan to save money using 0 interest APR balance transfer cards, the main element to watch out for is the money spent on new purchases with your new card. The main reason is any kind of repayment you make will first of all go towards trying to repay the sum you transferred as opposed to the new purchase which you made. How to avert this is to keep using the original card and shop using this and repaying these amounts at the end of each month. In this way you are able to finance your purchases easily but additionally benefit from the zero interest period of time.

Example article ends----------->


You can see the amazing quality of our manual article spinning service for yourself!

(515 words)



Important: Uploading New Article Pages - You Should Gradually Add Content

We recommend that you add new content-rich pages gradually to your site. This is because search engines want to see natural activity and growth in a website, and adding hundreds of pages in one go will look odd. It is best to upload a few pages at a time. We recommend uploading not more than 30 new pages in any one day, just to be on the safe side.

Of course, you can store the entire project on your local computer, but please ensure that you only upload (or FTP) up to 30 pages at a time. This may be over-cautious, but better safe than sorry! None of us know what the search engines think or expect of us (although there are many self-appointed 'gurus' who like to think they do).


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